Frequently Asked Questions

A – Our park is surrounded by a uninet enclosure system, the white boom stays afloat and rises with tides with while the netting is weighed down with linked chain. It is designed to keep larger marine life out.

A – CC Aquapark caters for ages 5+, however, this is a strenuous activity. All participants must be able to swim and have a degree of strength and fitness. Only if the Child is 10 or over can they participate without an accompanying adult.

A – Absolutely, even though all participants are fitted with buoyancy vests you MUST be able to swim in the open water environment.

A – We only cater for ages 5+ and there is no ceiling on ages, the only restriction is ability, if you’re able to swim and pull yourself up on the course the fun time is endless. Only if the Child is 10 or over can they participate without an accompanying adult.

A – If the kids are aged between 5-9 then a responsible person of age 16+ must accompany the child for the entire duration whilst on the park. Our ratio is 1 adult / responsible “buddy” for every 2 children aged between 5-9.

Do I need to bring my own? A – Every participant MUST wear a buoyancy vest, these are supplied by us and is included in the ticket price.

A – We supply the buoyancy vests so just bring your swimmers and a towel, oh, and a sense of fun.

A – Yes, there are 2 toilets located just off the carpark near the swimming pool. These are council operated and not controlled by CC Aquapark. A free fresh water shower is available right next to the check in office. It is always advised to wear your swimmers from home if possible.

A – While not necessary all bookings are guaranteed their timeslot. The park can only cater to limited capacities and we operate under first come first served basis. To avoid disappointment book here.

A – Fully qualified lifeguards are on duty while the park is open. They are easily identifiable in their yellow uniforms. They are here to ensure you have fun in a safe environment.

A – The sessions commence at 10am and run every hour with the last session commencing at 5pm. Each session lasts for 50 minutes, after which every participant must return to shore before the next session commences. Even double session and all day pass holders must return to shore before recommencing in the next session.

A – We can look after your personal belongings behind the office counter, only items such as wallets, jewellery, phones can be left. You will be issued a wristband for identification purposes upon collection. Larger items such as bags, towels, clothing can be left either in your vehicle or on the provided seating. We take no responsibility for these items however.

A – CC Aquapark will only close in strong winds or lightening is present. Rain does not force us to close, it’s actually more fun! If we do close however all bookings in our system will receive an email notifying the cancellation. Updates are also posted on our Facebook Page.

A – It is recommended to wear a rashie, t-shirt or wetsuit under your lifejacket, this will reduce friction and assist in the event of skin irritation.

A – No, spectators can watch from the shoreline, there a seats and we have a few umbrellas for shade if required.

A – No we do not open on XMAS day.

A –If lightning is sighted start a count by seconds until you hear thunder.

If the thunder is heard within 10 seconds evacuate the park (now known as the 10 second rule).

Start a timer which must run for 10 minutes without lightning within the 10 second rule.

If it is within the 10 second rule then re-start timer again.

Sessions can only re-commence after a 10 minute period without lightning.

If customers choose to not go back out then a free entry card is to be issued if they have completed at least 25 minutes of the session treatment by Modafinil. A full refund is given if they have completed less than 25 minutes of the session.

Please use your own discretion, if you think it’s moving towards us then evacuate or if it is a larger group and you feel it is safer then make that call. ALWAYS choose the safest option in YOUR OWN OPINION.